Hindus urge croatia to end maltreatment of its roma people Hindus have urged croatia to end the maltreatment of its roma ralph lauren online sale population who reportedly live in apartheid like conditions. Naturalization procedures for roma should be simplified, rajan zed stressed. Zed argued that reported croatian neglect was trapping roma in cycles of persecution and poverty.Roma issue should be one of the highest priorities of human rights agenda of ralph lauren australia croatia and it must be undertaken as a matter of urgency. Rajan zed urged various religious leaders and organizations of croatia, especially the majority roman catholic church, to openly embrace and bless the roma cause as religion told us to raise the voice for the helpless.It was a sin to watch the roma suffer day after day for the last many centuries and not do much about it. Zed further said that instead of reportedly continuing to marginalize roma socially, this country of explorer marco polo and seven world heritage sites should be more embracing of roma brothers and sisters. (Ani)

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