Fashion louis vuitton twinsies in louis vuitton checkerboard crop tops It’s no secret celebs have fallen in love with louis vuitton’s retro chic checkerboard pattern, but now it seems fashion editors are just as mad about the mod print. And grab our attention they have!While we’re used to seeing mad men star jones in frocks on her hit show, the blonde beauty shows a little more skin than usual on the cover of glamour, thanks to her midriff baring louis vuitton top and matching mini.Meanwhile ri ri, who loves a good crop top and made sure to include quite a few in her new river island collection, is looking more conservative than the racy picture she recently posted on instagram.And even though she poses in profile and pairs her checkered print top with a solid skirt, our eyes are still instantly drawn to the arresting print. So ladies, take note:If you want a particularly punchy profile picture or need to stand out from a crowd, you can’t go wrong with the checkerboard pattern or any of the other eye catching black and white prints that are shaping up to be one’s of spring’s hottest trends.Finish your look off with a ravishing louis vuitton uk red lip la the lovely cover girls for a mod style moment!

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